Iran v USA: World Cup 2022 – live

Iran v USA: World Cup 2022 – live

29-Nov-2022 18:46:23 | The Guardian

Prediction time: I put USA’s chances of advancing at around 38% (weirdly I just checked Predicto-fest FiveThirtyEight and they have exactly the same odds). Their midfielders have been excellent so far this tournament and are a great sign for the future, but that lack of cutting edge is a nagging worry. And I suspect the true Iran are the team that beat Wales rather than the one who were thumped by England. I think that 6-2 opening loss had to be influenced by their brave decision not to sing the national anthem. The possibility of personal repercussions probably don’t help you concentrate on a crucial World Cup match.

The Iranian fans are very loud in the stadium tonight, armed with World Cup 2010 co-star Mr A Vuvuzela. They were also in fine voice against Wales as the team scored a crucial victory amid protests back home:

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