Brighton v Liverpool, Leicester v Southampton and more – live!

Brighton v Liverpool, Leicester v Southampton and more – live!

12-Jan-2019 14:05:00 | The Guardian

An email! “I agree with your nuanced take on my beloved Liverpool but the problem is until we break our Premier League duck it all just means a bit too much,” says Niall Mullen. “It’s why in 2013-14 Gerrard ended up screaming like a maniac at his team mates to keep their nerve. It feels like Van Dijk and Salah have a little more ice in the veins so I remain optimistic yet terrified. Tell you what I’d really enjoy, should it ever happen: a title race after we win the title. Losing your title virginity is nerve-racking and you can’t really control yourself. But when you’re having regular title races you can really relax and enjoy it.”

Trust me, you really can’t. Okay, I suppose you can enjoy it, in the same way you can enjoy a visit to a malevolent drunk dentist if you’re of a certain disposition, but I’m not sure you can ever relax unless you are umpteen points ahead, in which case it isn’t really a race at all.

In the early game, Declan Rice has made it West Ham 1-0 Arsenal. Scott Murray has the latest.

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Hello. It’s the question every football fan has been asking for the last few months. Can Liverpool, after all this time, finally get their hands on it? One way or another, we’ll find out today. Yes, if Liverpool fail to beat Brighton, they will become the new owners of the Premier League Crisis Baton™.

Our not entirely mature culture dictates that, at all times, at least one Premier League club must be in crisis. At the moment Huddersfield hold the baton of doom, but if Liverpool fail to win today – on the back of a despicable run of two straight defeats in all competitions – they will be the ones under scrutiny. To hell with nuance; to hell with the fact they played well at Manchester City, that the Wolves defeat meant very little, and that a draw or defeat at a Brighton side who are very good at home would not exacty represent the second coming of Devon Loch.

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